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Pricing and payment plans


Vet Holding a Guinea Pig

At Bonded Hearts Veterinary Hospital, we know that finding money for unexpected vet bills can be difficult. We offer a range of payment options including Vetpay, Zip pay, Afterpay and more. Please follow the links below to find out more. 

We also strongly recommend pet insurance. Talk to us in our clinic to find out more.

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Price List


  • Initial consultation - $110

  • Revisit consultation - $75


All vaccination prices include a full health check

  • Dog C3 or C4 vaccination  - $135

  • Dog C5 vaccination - $145

  • Cat F3 vaccination - $135

  • Rabbit VHD vaccination - $125



  • Arthritis injection (Cartrophen) - $45 - $55 (depending on weight)

  • Arthritis injection (Beransa/Solensia) - $100 - $130 (depending on weight)

All surgery prices include pre op check, IV fluid therapy, 3 days take home pain relief, buster collar and 2 free post op checks (if needed)- so you wont be hit with unexpected costs.


  • Male dog desexing (castrate) - $455 to $590 (depending on weight and size)

  • Female dog desex (spey) - $495 to $730 (depending on weight and size)

  • Male cat desex (castrate) - $240

  • Female cat desexing (spey) - $410

  • Other surgeries available (eg. lump removals) - Please speak to our friendly team to organise an appointment to discuss a pricing for your individual pet's needs

  • Full mouth assessment including X-Rays, scale/clean and polish (extractions extra) - $550

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